The best places to work from in Sunderland

If you follow me on Instagram (if not, why not?), you probably already know that I work remotely a lot. I go in the office about once a week, metros permitting, but for the most part, I’m making offices wherever I can take my laptop and get a tasty treat.

Here are some of my favourite places in Sunderland to get work done, plan podcasts, and write. In no particular order.


πŸ“ 29 Stockton Rd, Sunderland SR2 7AQ

Located next door to local legend, The Bunker, Otto is a gorgeous little cafe offering fresh food, delicious coffee, and lovely people. There are power outlets conveniently located all over the shop, and the WiFi is spot on.

Trying to get that all-important work-fun balance? Fridays and Saturdays mean late nights at Otto, with a seamless transition from bustling cafe to cozy wine bar vibes.

Reward yourself with a glass of red to go with your latest read, or catch up with your favourite person after a long day of hard graft. The candlelight is a nice touch, too.


πŸ“ Marine Walk, Roker, Sunderland SR6 0PL

Located on Roker seafront with a stunning view of the lighthouse, Fausto is the perfect spot to sit at a window seat and work away with a great coffee and delcious snacks on tap.

Fausto has some of the longest opening hours of the spots on this list, which can come in handy if you’re looking for somewhere to go after the 9-5 or do your best writing at night:

  • Monday: 8:30 to 17:30
  • Tuesday to Saturday: 8:30 to 22:00
  • Sunday: 8:30 to 18:00

The Sweet Petite

πŸ“ 103 High St West, Sunderland SR1 1TX

Let me start by saying this place is so pretty it makes my eyes tingle. The Sweet Petite is the place to go if you need a sugar hit while you take care of business. There’s limited seating, but power outlets are available next to the adorably frilly tables.

Serving up both decadent confections and delicious savoury bites, the staff are friendly and can’t do enough to help you have the best time.

And while we’re on that note, do check out their afternoon tea deals. Take a day off and treat yourself.

Pop Recs

πŸ“ 172-175 High St W, Sunniside, Sunderland SR1 1UP

One of the first places I started visiting after my move to Sunderland, heading to Pop Recs feels like I’m going to my friend’s house. You’ll find lots of power outlets and a solid WiFi connection here, and the aesthetic has a cool, scandi-industrial feel to it.

The people are top-notch, the menu is delicious and veggie, vegan, and gluten-intolerant-friendly, and the tunes are on point. The fact that this is also where I can get my dose of Midnight Pizza CrΓΌ goodness is a very big plus.

Grinder Coffee Central

πŸ“Hills Arts Centre, 17-18 Waterloo Pl, Sunderland SR1 3HT

Grinder in the Hills Arts Centre brings you the same banging coffee and smiley service as the Grinder Coffee Co you already know and love, but with a bit more room and some other great independent businesses around for you to check out. I tend to go here when I’ve got a beauty appointment and Muse Studio (Helen does the best brows ever).

At the time of writing this, the WiFi signal here is pretty weak, but that’s kind of why I like it. I like to go to places like this and The Ship Isis, with weak or no WiFi, when I need to get my head down and do some serious writing or reading. Minimal distractions. If you really need to commune with the online world, tether your phone.

The Ship Isis

πŸ“26 Silksworth Row, Sunderland SR1 3QJ

I adore this pub. The fact that Wildfire Pizza lives here too doesn’t hurt, either. This place is perfect for hunkering down with a bit of reading or to hit your wordcount goal for the day.

Personally, I like to go here in the evenings to write. I order myself a glass of Malbec, which George the bartending pro pretends not to predict, and let the words unwind with me.

Go for the seats opposite the bar, not just because you’ll be able to see your stuff while you order, but because there are power sockets on the benches.


πŸ“ 99-100 High St W, Sunderland SR1 3BY

Sitting opposite the iconic Mackie’s Corner, Biz-R is a cute little hangout serving snacks and your usual selection of drinks every day (except Sunday) from 8:00 to 17:00.

There’s no dedicated WiFi, though some open networks do pop up with varying signal strength. If you 100% need WiFi, then you’ll more than likely need to use your phone as a hotspot. That said, this is a great spot to focus on offline work, and set yourself with a sunny window seat and a good bacon sarnie. With red sauce.

That’s all for today! I’ll update this list as I explore more cafes and pubs in Sunderland, but in the meantime, tell me your favourite places to work out of in the comments.


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